About Us

We are a family of believers gathering in South Riding, Virginia. As a church family, we look like Northern Virginia — ethnically diverse, young & old, rich & poor.

Where did we come from?

We began in 1994 as a desire in the heart of Mike & Betty Aylestock to launch a new church family in the Route 50 corridor of Loudoun County. That dream became a reality in 1995 as we were commissioned by Fairfax Baptist Temple (Fairfax, Virginia) and began meeting in rented facilities in the Lafayette Business Park between Chantilly and the new South Riding community.

Our dream of moving into South Riding began to materialize when we broke ground on our property in 2008 and was realized when we moved into our new facility in 2009.

Here we meet every week as a family of committed followers of Jesus Christ. Our passion is to know Him (Jesus Christ) and to make Him known around the world. He has enriched our lives. That has instilled in us a desire to worship & serve Him.

We would like to serve Him by serving you and your family.