Tongues Will Cease

A church family where envy and pride over spiritual gifts has cost the church its unity and peace. Is there a better way to live in church? Yes! Cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work of using life experiences to mold you into Jesus’ image. As such, the fruit of the Spirit will manifest itself in your life. It’s not the GIFTS, it’s the FRUIT of the Spirit that makes you a spiritual person. The gifts will soon end but the fruit of the Spirit is eternal.


A Better Way!

A church family living as God planned is an awesome group of people! However, sometimes church members lose sight of God’s design and begin to relate to one another with envy (wanting spiritual gifts others have) or pride (proud about the spiritual gifts one possesses while looking down on “less valuable” church members). Is there a better way to live in church?


The Right Goals

What is the gift of tongues all about? What does the Bible say about tongues? Realize that this is a controversial subject within Christianity. There are people who love God and their Bible that have come to a different conclusion than I have. That does not mean that the Bible is not clear or that you should not have convictions about this subject. In 1 Corinthians 12-14 God teaches us about a church that was misusing spiritual gifts, particularly tongues. From these chapters we will discern thirteen life principles that will help us with spirituality and spiritual gifts.