Driven by mission! Jesus’ followers took the mission articulated by Jesus Christ and carried it trans-culturally to a world of hurting humanity. That mission changed the world by bringing to reality the solution to man’s biggest problem – his sinful nature. The result has been the development of God’s nature in His children.

The salvation Jesus brought through His death on Calvary brought change to man’s inner being. In time, that change impacted how man related to others. History has written the tale of God’s grace impacting His world one life at a time.

The mission continues in our day. While serving the people of Northern Virginia, we are also impacting the world through a prayer & financial partnership with churches and missionaries that encircle the globe. We invest in launching new churches in America in addition to about 50 missionary families working trans-culturally on every continent.

Join us as we are driven by mission…Jesus’ mission for His world!

We Love Our Missionaries!

It is our privilege to partner with churches and missionary singles & families who are taking the gospel to every continent except Antarctica. Our missionaries are bringing the life-changing gospel of Jesus to the peoples of the world. We are funding current projects in the following countries. In our foyer you can visit our Missions Kiosk where our missionary media presentations and letters are on display.

Cape Verde                         Tanzania
Ghana                                  Uganda
Madagascar                         Zambia
South Africa

Americas (outside the United States)
Argentina                              Mexico
Brazil                                    Nicaragua
Dominican Republic             Peru
Ecuador                               Trinidad
Honduras                             Uruguay

Asia & Pacific
China                                   New Zealand
India                                     Philippines
Israel                                    Russia
Japan                                   Vanuatu

Albania                                  Ireland
Austria                                   Scotland
Belarus                                  Spain
Croatia                                   Ukraine
France                                   Wales

United States
In addition to our foreign missionary projects, we are involved in helping to finance a number of church-planting efforts across the United States.

For Interested Missionaries:

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