Our Beliefs

We live at a time when many are attempting to establish “their own truth.” Therefore, “truth” is fluid and changes rapidly. This stands in contrast to a Christian world-view that sees God as the source of all that is, which makes Him the only reliable source of knowing what is truth.

A Summary of Our Beliefs

  • We believe that God exists as a 3-person unity. He is not a part of all that is and has brought into existence all that is.
  • We believe that God can be known because He seeks to reveal Himself to His creation.
  • We believe that God reveals Himself in the Bible, a collection of 66 books which He inspired human instruments  to record.
  • We believe the Bible is God’s Word and words and thus is without error and is trustworthy.
  • We believe God created mankind with a design to have a human family with which He could enjoy fellowship.
  • We believe mankind failed to love God, sinned against Him and became a fallen creation that brought upon themselves God’s judgment for their sin.
  • We believe all pain and suffering in this world are the result of mankind’s sin which caused the world to fall under God’s judgment.
  • We believe God loves His sinful creation and provided a means through which individual people could be forgiven and rescued from the judgment that they brought upon themselves.
  • We believe that the means of that rescue was the 2nd person of the 3-person unity, Jesus Christ, who became human and took each person’s place as if He was guilty of their sin that would bring judgment, suffered the judgment in each person’s place and offered to forgive each person for their sin thus rescuing them from the judgment each person faces.
  • We believe that the source of peace, joy and hope in a person’s life is salvation through Jesus Christ. The Bible provides mankind with information about how to be saved and then how to live as God’s child.
  • We believe that Jesus is establishing groups of His followers (churches) throughout the world to proclaim His salvation to all the people of the world, offering His salvation to any who will repent of their sin, believing in Jesus Christ to save them.
  • We believe that Jesus will come again to judge the world. He will usher in an eternal kingdom where all who were saved will live with God in a spiritual family forever.


Our Values

We live in a fast-moving and ever-changing culture. Finding something that is anchored to never-changing principles develops security. Our God never changes (“For I am the LORD, I change not….” Malachi 3:6). This enables us to experience stability.

What are our unchanging values?

  • Truth – We believe God gave us truth when He revealed Himself to us through the Holy Bible. We find it an always up-to-date source of relevant information. We are amazed at how it provides answers to today’s complex issues.
  • Heritage – While some are careful to hide their heritage, we find stability and strength in ours! According to many church historians, to be Baptist is to be linked to the Christianity of the first century. Theirs was a rich heritage of belief and commitment to God that stemmed from Jesus Christ and His twelve apostles, and was recorded in the Bible. Those followers of Christ often payed dearly for their belief and commitment. During the first 1,500 years after Christ, millions of Christians were martyred by political and religious forces, but stayed true to the pure teachings of the New Testament. They faithfully accomplished their duty to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 3) We are humbled by our rich heritage and desire to be as faithful to Jesus Christ in our generation as they were in theirs.

These values, truth and heritage, anchor us to an unchanging God and enable us to live with certainty.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are committed to His Truth, His Agenda and His Kingdom as He gave us in His Word.

For a fuller explanation of what we believe the Bible to teach, study our Articles of Faith.