“Principles of Effective Parenting” Class

To parent effectively, in today’s culture, requires far more than just riding out the childhood years. Children have never faced more intense pressure to conform to a godless way of life. Effective parenting today requires knowledge and consistency. As you can expect, this doesn’t happen without intention.

Mike & Betty Aylestock have served churches in pastoral ministry for over 40 years. Their 3 children are all married, have given to their parents 13 grandchildren and all are actively involved in their churches. Over the years Pastor Mike has taught Principles for Effective Parenting a number of times in answer to his desire to help families understand parenting from a Biblical perspective.

Our New Horizons BSF class is sponsoring this current class on Sundays at 9:00-9:45 a.m. beginning April 9th. You may join the class at any time on or after April 9th. During the class time each week our nursery will be operating, as well as Sunday School classes for all your children.