Sermon Series


An Effective Church

Paul was concerned. After all that work, would it end up as wasted time and effort? Would all his work be vain? Those thoughts filled his heart in the months after establishing a church in the Macedonian town of Thessalonica. As he writes them he lays out his success, his fear and God’s prescription for a bright future in Thessalonica.


Who is God?

Who is God? That was a “no-brainer” when I grew up in Northern Virginia. Those days are long gone. Many today do not know who God is. It’s time to build the foundation again – “In the beginning God….” Genesis 1:1


Family Designed By God

Everyone knows that the family is under attack. Who came up with dad, mom and the kids as a family? Let’s examine the first family to learn about God’s creation of His idea of family.


Walk Through the New Testament

A grasp of the “big picture” of each part of the New Testament magnifies a person’s understanding of God’s Word. Pastor Mike walks us through the books of the New Testament to deepen our ability to understand God’s Word.


25th Anniversary

Anniversaries prompt us to both look back with fond memories of people, places and events and then to look forward with anticipation. Our past is our foundation. Our future is our vision.


Vive La Difference

In marriage it is often that opposites attract. What begins as “cute” later becomes “annoying” at best. How do opposites build a great marriage?

Hymn Stories_150x150

Hymn Stories

The collection of hymns have provided a rich history of testimonies of God-fearing people. Each hymn shows us a story of victory, sadness, happiness, or defeat, but all with God’s power and grace. The hymns are beautiful illustrations of doctrine and the results of doctrine in people’s lives.


A COVID-19 World

How quickly our fragile world changes. An invisible germ has turned our world into sickness, death, fear and panic. We can’t see it. We don’t know where it is. We are afraid of it. How does a believer in God react?


Anger Management

An explosive temper is destructive to everyone who must endure it. God deals with it from the beginning of the Bible. It is a sin that can be brought under control. Let’s learn how.


Missions Revival 2020

Our annual missions theme is “That the World May Know.” These sermons were preached in our annual and semi-annual missions revivals during 2020.



Sanctification is at the heart of the Christian living and is closely related to the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every Christian.


Missions Revival 2019…

Our annual missions theme is “What Does Your Heart See?” These sermons were preached in our annual and semi-annual missions revivals during 2019.



A nostalgic ride down Route 66 would remind us of a day when people took time to live. Perhaps such a ride through the 66 books that comprise our Bible would help us find meaning in this crazy world? Pastor Mike steers us through the story line of God’s Word.


Dynamic Devotions…

Do you take the personal study of God’s Word to be essential to your life? To be convinced of the benefits of Bible study is to be committed to study the Bible. Sam Aylestock, a pastor at Valley Forge Baptist Temple in Pennsylvania, teaches from a lifetime of learning how to make your devotions dynamic.

You will like this!


Missions Revival 2018…

Our annual missions theme is “The LORD is God.” These sermons were preached in our annual and semi-annual missions revivals.


Seriousness of Sin…

Where did “sin” go? We have replaced “sin” and “guilt” with “denial” and “self-esteem.” With such a mindset, who needs a Savior? The cross becomes useless in a world of self-love. It’s time to remember that sin is serious.


Moving Up!…

How does God provide sufficient money to construct buildings for ministry? Let’s have a close look at some Biblical instructions.


Holy Ghost & CBC…

Could the missing person at CBC be the Holy Ghost? Canadian Pastor Al Stone preaches a series of messages on the Holy Ghost at our 22nd Anniversary Celebration.


Understanding the Tabernacle…

What is it about that drab old tabernacle in the wilderness that draws your attention? Could it be that our interest is linked to the mystery of knowing God and how we relate to Him?


Gospel of Luke…

God used Luke, a highly-educated physician, to travel extensively and interview the eye-witnesses of Jesus’ life. Luke was an excellent historian of New Testament times who God used to pen the story of Jesus. Join our journey with Jesus through His life and ministry.



The story of Ruth was set “in the days when the judges ruled” in Israel (Ruth 1:1). These were difficult days. The story of Ruth is an oasis of love, loyalty, forgiveness and kindness in the desert of failure, immorality, and cruelty of those days. Let us learn some lessons from this story that are still impacting us today.



On the occasion of the opening of a new facility in our town for the Mormon Church, Pastor Mike taught a short series on Mormonism. We learned the practical importance of reaching out to Mormons with the gospel as well as their history and doctrines.


Reaching The Lost…

What is involved in sharing the gospel with those who are lost? This 10-part Bible study will examine important steps in reaching people with the good news that Jesus will rescue lost people.


Red Sea Rules…

One of the Chief Musicians in the Temple at Jerusalem was battling depression. During a sleepless night when God was strangely silent he found himself reading the story of Israel at the banks of the Red Sea. God lifted his spirit as he learned some strategies for facing the tough times of life. We’ll examine those strategies in our “Red Sea Rules” series.



In every generation there are teachings that deny, dethrone or in some way denigrate the person of Jesus Christ and the role He plays in our everyday lives. God sent a letter to a church struggling with just such problems. There is nothing more important than to be rooted in Him.


End Times…

Is our culture spinning downward out-of-control? Will the international saber-rattling bring another world-conflict, perhaps the final world-conflict? Will life as we have known it end on earth one day? Let’s see what God’s Word has to say.


Gospel According to John…

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ According to John” is a definitive declaration of the identity & purpose of Jesus Christ. Never has man more needed such a declaration! It opens & closes declaring “Jesus is God!” who came to give us life (1:1-18 & 20:30-31). In between those declarations God spells out the proof and opposition to the truth.


Tongues in the Bible…

What is the gift of tongues all about? What does the Bible say about tongues? Is the Charismatic tongues movement a continuation of New Testament Christianity? This is certainly a controversial subject within Christianity. Pastor Mike examines some important Bible passages dealing with tongues in the New Testament.


Missions Revival 2017…

Our annual missions theme is “My Heart’s Desire.” These sermons were preached in our annual and semi-annual missions revivals.