Sermon Topics


Sermon Classics…

Some sermons deal with critical issues or topics that attract sharpened attention. At times these deal with controversial subjects or matters that have significant importance today. We categorize these as “Sermon Classics.” Here are some you may find interesting.



Music flows from the heart of God. We read of it in the psalms that describe the songs of God’s creation. We note that the creation of the arch-angel includes a description of his “pipes and tabrets.” We imagine the Old Testament temple choirs and participate in the New Testament church singing “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.” We long to take our place in the grand choir pictured in Revelation 5 as the saved of all time will lift our voices to sing “Thou art worthy…” God is to be praised by sacred song.



Most of Pastor Mike’s Christmas sermons are in three main groups (listed separately). Here are some miscellaneous Christmas sermons.


Christmas – What Christmas Meant…

Christmas means a lot of different things to people. But, what did the real Christmas mean to the people who experienced it the first time? Let’s examine the “uncut” script of the very first Christmas.


Christmas – Who is Jesus Christ?

He divided our calendar into two spheres – all that happened before His birth and all that happened after His birth. He appears as a helpless infant surrounded by poor people and animals. Who is He?


Christmas – Why Believe in Virgin Birth?

Really? A virgin woman bore a child that she did not conceive via a man? How could anyone really believe that? Why would anyone believe that? Well, actually, I do believe that. Let me share with you some of the reasons why I believe Jesus was born of a virgin.



An empty tomb on Sunday morning is a game-changer! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is His final evidence that everything He claimed about His person, purpose and program is true. Our praise of Him is without end.



There is good news! God provided for our rescue from sin and it’s consequences through Jesus Christ. This news must be taken to the streets where the people are.



Family is the foundation of life on earth. It is also the dynamic picture of life in heaven. God has an exciting plan for family living.



Who is God? What is He like? What does He think? Let’s learn about Him from His Word.



“Missions” is the banner of the church Jesus established! Here are some sermons preached at CBC on the topic of missions.



The greatest rescue of suffering people occurs when Jesus Christ saves them from the power and consequences of their sin. The salvation of man brings peace and joy to man and glory to God who reached down to save.



Recognizing what God says is sinful is the first step to a life of peace and freedom. Repentance brings forgiveness from God … and that is liberating!



A Christian cult is a form of Christianity that has rejected the foundational teachings of the Bible, often in respect to the nature of the Bible, God the Father and Jesus Christ. The Bible instructs us to identify and reject such movements.



“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High:” Psalm 92:1 Here are some sermons preached at CBC on the theme of thanksgiving.